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The Lunar New Year is a big deal in Vancouver! This multicultural city goes all out to celebrate the beginning of the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon that's 15 days later. Here are some of the best ways to ring in the Year of the Ox this February.

1. Soar over Taiwan: From the Ruan’an Bagua Tea Farm to the glittering towers of Taipei, you’ll see the best of Taiwan. Soar over Taiwan is at FlyOver Canada for a limited time only. Feel the ocean breezes, enjoy the scents of lush national parks and thrill to the sounds of bustling cities. Temporarily Postponed.

2. A Wok Around Chinatown: Dig a bit deeper into Chinese cuisine and the plethora of wonders in the Chinatown market on a tour with chef Robert Sung, a third generation Chinese Canadian. His tours explore culinary and cultural elements (including a dim sum lunch) and run daily at 10 AM.

3. The Dumpling Trail: Step out on a delicious exploration of Richmond's dumpling scene. With 20 feature restaurants, you'll need a hearty appetite to trek this tasty trail. In Chinese culture, dumplings represent wealth and prosperity - perfect sentiments for welcoming a new year. So the question is: boiled, steamed, soup, or pan-fried? The choice is yours, and with this handy map, all your favourites will be easy to find. 

The Flight of the Dragon pre-show area, showing video and a Buddha statue

4. Chinese Restaurants: Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate with family, and sharing in elaborate feasts is an important time-honoured tradition. On special occasions, it's customary for families to dine out together on multi-course extravaganzas. How fortunate that Greater Vancouver boasts many world-renowned Chinese restaurants. Visit one during Lunar New Year, and you'll likely find every round table full. If you hope to embrace this delectable celebration, it's best to make a reservation well in advance.

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