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See the world without leaving Vancouver

Explore the World Like Never Before

Discover absolute awe at Flyover. Our flying journeys transport you to the planet’s most spectacular places, from the snow-capped summits of the Canadian Rockies to breathtaking and iconic locations around the globe. You’ll exit wondering where to go next.

Follow your sense of adventure to Flyover, located at Canada Place in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown waterfront.

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Awaken Your Senses

Flyover grabs all your senses to immerse you in landscapes, stories and culture. Using the power of unique perspectives, the sensations of flight and complete sensory engagement, you'll soar over, around and through the world's most epic places.

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Engineered to swoop, dip and turn — giving you the true feeling of flight.

Our 20-metre-wide spherical screen surrounds you and puts you right into the action.

You won’t just see these incredible places. Through special effects you’ll feel them, too.

Unique scents are used to transport you to the iconic locations in the films for a fully immersive experience.


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Now Showing

Windborne: Call of the Canadian Rockies

Set off on a journey beyond the summits. Windborne connects you with scenery that has inspired adventure since time immemorial. Beyond the alpine beauty, you'll discover the spirit of the mountains from the people who call the Canadian Rockies home.

Limited Showing: January 22 – June 27

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Now Showing

Legendary Iceland: Landscapes & Lore

Sweeping glaciers, stunning fjords and ancient mysteries. That’s what you’ll explore when you venture to the land of fire and ice aboard this incredible immersive journey. Hang on to your seat and be swept away to discover pristine Iceland.

Limited Showing: April 22 – June 27

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New: Awaken Canada

Uncover the majesty of Canada, from its Arctic landscapes to ocean-front energy on both coasts and through all the spectacular scenery in between. Our signature adventure delves into the heart of Canada, exploring the far and wide feeling of home that unites this dynamic nation.

Showing starting June 28

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Flyover is located at Canada Place in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

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