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What is a Flight Ride? The Flyover Experience

Here's what Flyover is not:

  • A flying film
  • A "movie"
  • An IMAX show
  • Like anything you've seen before

Flyover is an immersive flying ride, it's a ton of fun and it's the most cutting-edge attraction in Vancouver. And that may be a bit hard to grasp, so we've laid out for you the reasons Flyover, the flying ride, is like magic.

"What we do is transport you and immerse you in a flying experience," says Flyover's Creative Director Rick Rothschild. "Essentially, you've detached yourself from reality and accepted this new reality that we're giving you."

In other words, Flyover is unique and breathtaking. Here's how we like to explain it to people.

1. It's truly like flying: Flyover lets you tap into that childhood wonder that is the dream of flight. The flight-ride has the ability to literally lift you off of the ground and give you a flying experience. You're moving, rolling, coasting and soaring above and amidst stunning landscapes.

Rick Rothschild

Photo: Flyover Creative Director Rick Rothschild.

2. It surrounds you: You're not sitting in a theatre watching a movie on a screen as you normally would. At Flyover, you're surrounded by the film. The dome experience, including the innovative projection system, the very high resolution and a seamless circular screen, are each the very best available in the world. "It's in front of you, below you, sometimes it's even happening above you," Rothschild says. "You are fully immersed in the environment."

3. It's cutting-edge: Flyover is all about smoothness. To achieve that, the mechanical technology, which mimics the free-flowing flight of a bird, must be exceedingly coordinated with the visuals. Flyover worked with the most advanced system ever created, and it's been refined to perfection. Technologically, it's a wonder.

A group of kids sit on the FlyOver Canada flight ride.

4. It hits all your senses: Flyover is an incredibly beautiful and moving experience. Of course, there's the stunning footage of spectacular landscapes. But it's more than just what you see on the screen. To further immerse you, Flyover engages all your senses. There's motion: physically lifting and supporting you as you move in coordination with the way the camera moved when the scenes were originally filmed. There are tactile elements: smell and wind mist. This all enhances that sense of reality.

"It may seem like magic," Rothschild says. And whether it actually is or not is up to you!

Experience Flyover

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