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Vancouver's RYU active clothing company has fully embraced the West Coast lifestyle. The Canadian brand (the "RYU" stands for "Respect Your Universe") has a mission to make an impact on the community. And they make a point, as a team, to get out and experience all that Vancouver has to offer.

Their team has a regular calendar of out-of-the-office activities that they do together. On an evening a few weeks ago, they headed from their Vancouver headquarters over to FlyOver Canada at Canada Place for a unique outing—one that spurred on conversations and bonding.

"We, a group of full grown adults, were able to be kids again in a sense."

"At least once a month we try to get out and find something unique to do," says RYU's Tessa Flannery. "This was definitely outside the box in terms of things we’ve done!"

FlyOver Fun: Getting out of the office

Their group of 25 colleagues went on a thrilling and unforgettable flight-ride across Canada. When the ride ended, the team was bursting with enthusiasm.

6 people from the RYU team sit on the FlyOver Canada flight-ride.

"What made it great was the fact that we were all able to do something genuinely fun and unique, as opposed to the standard activities," says RYU's Samantha Stefanuik, adding that the fun aspect of FlyOver was a big hit. "We, a group of full grown adults, were able to be kids again in a sense. It also took away the dialogue of “work” from conversations, and let us bond and connect on a more personal level rather than only talk about work related things."

Why It's So Easy

For the RYU team, there were other positives:

  1. It's convenient. FlyOver Canada is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, close to many offices. It's close to the bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus networks, and there are loads of great restaurants to hit up after the flight-ride.
  2. It's different. Many teams do regular sports-related activities. This flight-ride that took the team across Canada on a thrilling experience was a whole different kind of outing.
  3. It's personal. For Vancouver-ites, getting a chance to see the vastness of the country and to see their hometown take a starring role when the film flies into Vancouver's harbour.
  4. It's a full experience. From the mingling that happens in the waiting room and the upbeat preshow from Moment Factory to the chance to pretend you're flying with your colleagues, FlyOver Canada is a complete and immersive experience.

A group of people stand outside the FlyOver Canada building.

The journey has just begun

After the ride, the RYU team headed out for post-FlyOver drinks to deliberate over their favourite locations from the film, to reminisce about journeys taken across Canada and to share stories about places they love.

"You get to have a different experience with your coworkers, it helps you grow closer, you get to engage in conversations outside of work," said RYU's Andrea Andino.

For more information on booking team-building and corporate group outings to FlyOver Canada—or to check it out yourself—contact our sales team at [email protected]

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