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FlyOver Canada is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with SIGGRAPH 2018 that will award innovation in filmmaking and content creation.

SIGGRAPH 2018 and FlyOver Canada have teamed up to present a Themed Entertainment Contest, inviting creators to develop content specific to the FlyOver Canada Theatre System.


Contestants are encouraged to let their minds run free and develop an experience guests will never forget as they are fully immersed in the creative. Created content should deliver a storytelling experience exploring one of the following elements: Halloween, Flight, Chinese New Year or Generations

SIGGRAPH subject matter experts and FlyOver Canada executives will review all contest entries and select four finalists, and then a winner from among those four. The winner will receive a complimentary Full Conference registration to SIGGRAPH 2018 and a prize pack from FlyOver Canada that includes a $10,000 USD cash prize plus airfare and hotel accommodations in Vancouver for three nights! Best of all, the winner will have the opportunity to experience their exciting content on FlyOver Canada’s high-end platform in person at an evening event.

"This is the very first time that FlyOver Canada has been part of a contest of this kind," says Lisa Adams, General Manager of FlyOver Canada. "The basic premise is that we’ve predetermined four different theme categories for creators to select from, and then sky’s the limit! We’re asking that each piece be approximately three to four minutes in length so that it has the potential to be programmable with our ride system — think moving seats, wind in your hair, mist in your face." Read more.

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass by, visit SIGGRAPH 2018 to enter!

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