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Mother's Day in Vancouver: Do Something Different

The usual, expected, dare-we-say mundane thing to do this Mother's Day? Go for brunch. Or maybe afternoon tea.

Why not try something different? Share a new experience with the one who loves you best this Mother's Day in Vancouver.

Here are five unique and unforgettable ways to celebrate motherhood this year:

Flowers and gardens

Instead of just buying Mom a bouquet, take her to see flowers in full bloom. Vancouver is blessed with some of the finest gardens in all of Canada. Visit the exotic flowers at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Or stroll amongst the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Shaughnessy, where the green thumbs of more than 1,200 talented volunteers shine. The traditional Japanese Nitobe Memorial Garden is incredibly refreshing and unique to British Columbia.

Gallery delights

You don't have to be an art connoisseur to feel moved by the Vancouver Art Gallery. It's a place to connect across generations in a shared exploration of place and creativity. Currently, a plethora of original works by British Columbia's most treasured artist, Emily Carr, help us all connect more deeply with this spectacular place and is sure to spark great conversations for years to come. Carr's work is featured in a special exhibit called "Emily Carr in Dialogue with Mattie Gunterman".

People sit on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, between two lion statues.

Be a tourist

Flyover Canada is known around the world — but have you been? Thrilling, unique, inspiring and unforgettable, moms and kids of all ages can come together and 'fly' across Canada. They'll see places they recognize and destinations they're longing to explore. It's like taking a great Canadian vacation right here in Vancouver! Combine a Flyover visit with a stroll along the Harbourfront. And then pop in for gelato at Bella Gelateria, some of the city's finest. Or grab a picnic and spread out a blanket at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park, right nearby.

People enter the entrance of FlyOver Canada under sunny skies.

Hit the trail

Spending time in nature is a great way to connect. Try the two-hour hike through old growth forests to West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park or follow a series of bridges in Maple Ridge's Kanaka Creek Park to Cliff Falls.

Sunset Special

Take mom somewhere scenic (Second Beach in Stanley Park and English Bay's Sunset Beach are favourites) to spend some quality time together as the day draws to a close and the sun sets beneath the horizon to the west. Now, how's that for a memorable Mother's Day?

Experience Flyover Canada

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