She's the wickedest witch in Vancouver. Each fall, the legendary Broomelda makes her way to FlyOver Canada to take things on a spooky turn and run her Witch Academy, teaching newbies the secrets to add some witching to their lives. For Broomelda, it's all about sharing the witchiness. Her academy, after all, welcomes all.

We sat down for a Q&A with her to learn some of her tricks.

What’s the best part about teaching a witch academy?

The best part about being the head mistresses of a witch academy is the hours of entertainment. From miscast spells to poorly-made potions, you just never know what's going to happen. One time, Agatha Grimm, a new pupil, decided to show the class what she was capable of and, well, it didn’t go so well. She cast a spell that caused the recipient to become a frog for all eternity… and now that other student spends his days catching flies from a lily pad!

What is your favourite spell to cast?

My favourite spell to cast is a levitation spell! Have you ever seen an elephant fly as gracefully as a butterfly? I think not! It really is quite a sight to see. Over the years, I've become so good at this spell I am now able to make 61 mortals soar across Canada without ever leaving Vancouver! It took many years of practice, but I have now successfully executed it!

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What is your biggest fear? What do you fear the most?

I would have to say my biggest fear is water—we all know how water affects witches. You try flying over lakes, rivers, and oceans! It’s a very spine-tingling situation. You never know when you’ll have to avoid the mists of Niagara Falls, or some splash back from the Riviere Rouge.

How do you keep your green skin so glowing?

It’s rather simple, you will need the scales of a lizard and the warts of a large toad. Once you have sought out these rather important parts, blend with 1 part French Green Clay and 2 parts Agua de Florida (Florida water) together in a small cauldron on high for 10-15 minutes. Once your potion thickens to a rich paste, add 3 parts coconut oil and allow it to settle on low for 5 minutes before applying liberally to the face, neck, arms, and hands. For a more potent mixture, create it on a new moon, and let it simmer until the full moon. Apply liberally and avoid all contact with water.

What brand is your broom?

Oh goodness, this old thing? My mother got it off a warlock at the turn of the century and passed it down to me when she was no longer able to fly—one too many flying tickets, I guess you could say! Anyhow, I believe the brand of my broom is the Sweeper Witch Jet, it’s a classic! You can find them in most mortals' “cleaning” cabinets. Those mortals are so silly, if only they knew they were using the broom all wrong.

“I am now able to make 61 mortals soar across Canada without evening leaving Vancouver!”

A spooky green-lit and masked person in front of a FlyOver Canada sign.

Can you teach me how to cackle like you?

Cackling is something that comes naturally to all witches, it’s hard to teach as it’s like a first spoken word. For most witches, they learn to cackle before they can speak, this is the sign your witch or warlock is ready to begin their journey to witchhood.

What’s your favourite part of FlyOver Canada?

Clearly, it's the flying. The soaring. The whizzing through the air. That's my specialty, after all!

Hop on Broomelda's broom for a ride across Canada at FlyOver Canada, showing all day from October 24 to November 3.

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