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13 Fun Facts From Across Canada

From the Atlantic to the Pacific to the icy reaches of the Arctic Circle, there's so much to discover in Canada.

In Awaken Canada, the all-new nationwide adventure at Flyover in Vancouver, we explore the far and wide wonders of the dynamic place we call home. And along the way, we learned a lot about the unique places that make up this incredible nation.

Learn a fun fact from each province and territory below, brought to you by Awaken Canada.

1. Hollywood North

Vancouver, B.C., is North America’s third-largest T.V. and film production city, trailing only Los Angeles and New York.

Banff National Park from Sulphur Mountain’s summit.

2. A Timeless Destination

Banff National Park in Alberta was established as Canada’s very first national park in 1885. It’s also Canada’s most popular national park, welcoming more than four million visitors every year.

3. High Above the Clouds

At 5,959 metres (19,551 feet), Mount Logan in the Yukon is Canada’s tallest peak and the second-tallest mountain in North America (behind only Denali in Alaska).

4. Look Out Below

Virginia Falls, located in the Northwest Territories’ Nahanni National Park, features a 96 metre (315 foot) vertical drop. That’s nearly twice as high as Niagara Falls!

One of the historic grain elevators in Horizon, Saskatchewan.

5. Horizon in the Spotlight

Locals from the tiny hamlet of Horizon, Saskatchewan, helped Flyover capture their historic grain elevators for Awaken Canada — even serving as extras in the stunning prairie scene.

6. Unicorns of the Sea

Around 75% of the world’s narwhal population can be found in Nunavut’s northern waters.

7. Creature Capital

Famous for its polar bear population, Churchill, Manitoba, is also known as the “Beluga Capital of the World.” Each summer, around 3,000 beluga whales migrate through the region’s waters.

8. Shocking and True

Reaching 553 metres (1,815 feet) into the Toronto sky, the CN Tower's antenna is struck by lightning 75 times per year on average.

The Breakneck Stairs in Quebec City.

9. Historic Descent

Nicknamed the “Breakneck Stairs,” Quebec City’s oldest staircase can be spotted during Awaken Canada. The 59-stair corridor dates to 1635.

10. Small But Mighty

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province — both in size and population. You can drive from one side of the main island to the other in around three hours.

11. Aging with Grace

St. John, New Brunswick, holds the title of Canada's oldest incorporated city. The Bay of Fundy seaside settlement was established by royal charter on May 18, 1785.

Bluenose II sails off the shores of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

12. Queen of the North Atlantic

Launched in 1921, the original Bluenose has been a Canadian icon for over a century. The fishing and racing ship's image has been featured on the Canadian dime since 1937 and on Nova Scotia licence plates since 1989.

13. End of the Line

Canada’s easternmost point is marked by Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site — also home to the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Explore more of the Great White North aboard Awaken Canada — an all-new adventure now showing at Flyover in Vancouver.

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