Pursuit's Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Through this program, we will ensure that everyone feels safe at our experiences so that the power of our places can shine through. As of August 28, all guests must wear a mask while inside the attraction.

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Children and Minimum Height Requirement

In order to enter the attraction, children 12 years and under must be supervised by a paying adult or guardian 14 years or older. All passengers boarding FlyOver Canada must reach the height requirement of 102cm/40″ tall.

Photo/Video Restrictions

FlyOver Canada strictly prohibits the photography, video recording, and sound recording of any elements of the experience (including the Uplift! pre-show and the FlyOver Canada film).

Prohibited Items

For the safety of all passengers, the following items are not allowed into the pre-show or ride areas of the attraction:

  • Food and drinks
  • Large bags or any items that cannot be safely stowed in the small compartments beneath your seat.

Should you have these items with you, there is a bag check service available on site.



While FlyOver Canada is meant for all ages and the ride movement is gently thrilling, guests with the following conditions should NOT ride:

Fear of heights or motion sickness

Heart Conditions

Chronic back or neck pains

Expectant Mothers

Photosensitive epilepsy or conditions aggravated by visual stimuli such as flashing lights

Guest Accessibility

FlyOver Canada is committed to making our experience as convenient as possible for all of our guests. All areas of our attraction, including the pre-show and boarding gate, are wheelchair accessible. At its core, FlyOver Canada features an amusement ride employing chairlift-style seats that lift guests up in the air. For safety reasons, in order to board the Ultimate Flying Ride, guests using wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride seating by themselves or with the assistance of a companion.

If you have any concerns about accessibility during your visit, please feel free to contact us. Upon arrival at FlyOver Canada, inform one of our Guest Experience Guides of any assistance you may need. We would like to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. Contact us via the form below or call +1 604 620 8455.

Getting on the ride

Guests who are unable to transfer from their wheelchairs may still enjoy the complete FlyOver Canada experience. We invite them to view the media of the main show from their wheelchairs (which remain stationary) on the flight deck.

In such circumstances, the guest will be accompanied by one of our team members on the flight deck for the 8-minute duration of the ride. For safety reasons, companions are unable to stay in this section of the ride. Companions may choose to wait in a specially designated area, or to go on the ride in a seat next to the wheelchair viewing area. Please note, if a paying guest requests with assistance from a companion, the companion’s ticket is provided free of charge.


Yes! However, please note that FlyOver Canada features an amusement ride involving motion. Our guests who use wheelchairs may go on the Ultimate Flying Ride only if they are able to transfer from their wheelchair to the ride seat by themselves or with the assistance of a companion. Otherwise, you may enjoy the flight ride from a stationary position on the ride platform, accompanied by one of our flight guides. For safety reasons, in this situation, companions must go on the ride or wait off the ride platform. We ask that guests who will be arriving in wheelchairs please contact us in advance of their visit. There is no admission fee for a companion who is accompanying a paying guest using a wheelchair. For more information, please see Guest Accessibility.

The experience requires standing for between 20 and 30 minutes, and ascending and descending stairs. If you anticipate having difficulty with standing for 30 minutes, upon arriving at the attraction, please advise one of our Flight Guides, and they will accommodate you to the best of their ability, by providing a folding chair at certain points and minimizing the number of stairs you will have to climb or, if necessary, they will assist you in using our internal lift.

Please note that FlyOver Canada is located several hundred meters from the street. If you have walking difficulties, you might consider using the underground parking and the elevator lift at the north end of the parkade.
Industry guidelines advise that pregnant women should not participate in motion rides. Although FlyOver Canada is a very gentle motion ride, we follow the industry guidelines and ask expectant mothers to refrain from taking the ride.
Yes! Some of our most enthusiastic fans are seniors and young children. Children must be at least 102cm/40″ tall in order to ride. Our oldest rider to date was 104 years old!
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