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For many people, emotions are high right now. The uncertainty, the worry and the threats to so many aspects of life can bring about a lot of feelings. Our team member at FlyOver Canada, Bruno, has some tips on embracing the emotional rollercoaster ride that so many of us are on right now.


I am from Portugal, and there we have a word that one can hardly translate into any other language. Saudade (saʊˈdɑːdə) would probably be translated as a feeling of longing for something or someone. While most people take it as melancholic or nostalgic, I could always see the underlying feeling of hope and strength with showing vulnerability. I believe many of us feel vulnerable right now, and I wanted to say that it is okay to feel that way.

Bruno Dias smiling

Photo: FlyOver Canada's Bruno Dias

I think simply being grateful for what we have is a mood enhancer

We mustn't forget that we are human beings and a big part of what makes us all special and worthy is the ability to feel. So, if you are feeling vulnerable and emotional: embrace it, live it, cherish it. Feelings and emotions are a big part of what makes us human, of what brings us all together. The good and the bad.

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When I am feeling more vulnerable I usually meditate, which is something I've been doing for a while and find that it really helps. But knowing it is not for everyone, I think simply being grateful for what we have is a mood enhancer. We have homes, we have food, we have technology to keep us all closer and we are healthy. It doesn't get any better than that!

We will come out from this stronger and wiser. Let's embrace our emotions right now. Like we would say back home, "Não há esperança sem temor, nem amor sem receio"—there is no hope without a bit of fear, nor love without awe.

Bruno Dias smiling

Bruno Dias is a travel-minded soul originally from Porto, Portugal who has visited 18 countries so far. He joined the FlyOver Canada team as a Guest Experience Guide earlier this year, after becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident and moving to Vancouver with his Canadian husband. He loves the friends he's made at FlyOver. "We support each other and make sure everyone is doing alright and staying positive and smiling," he says.

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