Katharine Chan is a Vancouver mom, blogger and proud Chinese-Canadian. We invited her and her family to experience Flight of the Dragon. It was an emotional experience that crossed generations and was followed by a trip to their favourite Dim Sum restaurant!

After, we asked Katharine to share some of her thoughts with us.

So, how was Flight of the Dragon?

Starting with the Flight of the Dragon and flying over the landscapes of China made me appreciate my culture and background. The moment I saw the Great Wall and the rice paddies, it made me proud to be Chinese and to have the history behind me. I actually waved back at the people in the boats who were waving at us. It felt so real!

Then, the Flyover Canada experience also made me feel proud, but in a deeper way because it was intertwined with feelings of gratitude. Canada is my home and seeing my home portrayed in such a wonderful manner brought tears to my eyes.

What did it mean to share the experience with your parents and in-laws?

Spending time with family and taking care of each other is ingrained in my Chinese-Canadian blood. The opportunity to experience this with my parents and my in-laws reminds me of the reasons why they chose to immigrate here. The experience itself demonstrates Canadian values such as inclusion and respect for diverse cultures. 

My mom absolutely loved it. She was pointing out all the different places she had been to during her lifetime of travels. She was excited and ecstatic about how advanced technology has become. She said it was like flying in her dreams.

A family photo in front of a Great Wall of China backdrop

Photo: Katharine Chan (centre) and her family at FlyOver Canada.

What's the best thing about living in Vancouver?

My husband, myself and our daughter were actually all born in Vancouver. Our roots are here and we love it. We can go hiking in the mountains, kayaking in Deep Cove and go for hot pot all in the same day. As my mom says, it's one of the few places you get to experience all four seasons.  We can't imagine living anywhere else. 

What does Lunar New Year mean to you?

Lunar New Year is about spending time with family and having an excuse to eat a ton of food. It's about wishing for good things to happen to other people while appreciating the things we already have.  We usually spend it at my parents' house but I have great memories of going to check out the Big Parade in Chinatown after Chinese school.

See it for yourself

Don't miss your chance to bring your family and soar over China like Katharine did. Flight of the Dragon runs at FlyOver Canada through February 24. And follow Katharine's blog at sumonsleeve.com.

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