January 12th - February 26th Rides start every 20 minutes

Flight of the Dragon & FlyOver Canada back-to-back!

January 12th – February 26th, 2017
Daily from 10am until 9pm

For a limited time, FlyOver Canada presents Flight of the Dragon, a flight ride experience that lets you soar over breathtaking Chinese countrysides and renowned landmarks.

FlyOver Canada invites all guests to come and enjoy both FlyOver Canada and Flight of the Dragon; two virtual flight rides for the regular admission price.

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The Flight of the Dragon Experience

Your experience begins in our pre-show room, where you will see beautiful festive decorations and still images of Chinese New Year celebrations. Then, buckle up your seat-belt and get prepared for our virtual flight ride double feature!

First, follow a mythical dragon as you soar over some of China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery during Flight of the Dragon. Then, remain seated and take off once again shortly after to experience the Ultimate Flying Ride, FlyOver Canada, a thrilling virtual flight ride that takes you across Canada from east-to-west. Both rides incorporate state of the art special effects including wind, scents, mist in addition to the movement of your seat to make you feel like you are truly flying. 

The complete experience will last between 20 – 25 minutes.


Entrance/Show Times

Entrance times are every 20 minutes

Please note that our queuing area is partially exposed to the elements. We suggest that guests dress accordingly for the weather, particularly on weekends when there may be wait times.
To avoid entrance lineups, FlyOver Canada strongly suggests purchasing FastLane Admission tickets on weekends . Purchase your FastLane tickets now.

Lion dances and Chinese cultural drumming during Flight of the Dragon at FlyOver Canada