HowlOver Canada and Vancouver Mysteries Combo

Buy HowlOver Canada and Vancouver Mysteries tickets together and save! Select when you want to soar through the skies with a band of spooky sidekicks at FlyOver Canada. Then, call Vancouver Mysteries with your booking number to sign up to play Heroes & Villains during Family Mystery Nights. It's a superhero themed outdoor game in downtown Vancouver. Find clues, solve puzzles... save the planet!

The combo is valid until October 31 and will be sold while quantities last.

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A comic illustration of two superheroes standing atop buildings, ahead of a large sea monster.

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The Halloween Experience

The complete Halloween experience includes:

Witches Broom
A breathtaking 8-minute flight ride experience
HowlOver Canada Themed Pre-Show
Halloween theming and spine-tingling decorations
Witch Hat
Costumes are welcome and encouraged for all ages

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